Sunday, August 28, 2011


You know that Neil Young song, "Like a Hurricane"? We were supposed to have one of those. In Brooklyn, it was unlike a hurricane.At one point during the night, though, I did consider sleeping in the bathtub. It was pretty windy outside. All of the media hype about hurricane preparation etc really did a number on so many people. The lines in my local supermarket were winding down the aisles in a way I've never seen before. Home despot was out of batteries, flashlights even generators. We brought all the outdoor furniture inside off of our roof and tied down anything that was too big to move inside. I lashed my canoe tightly to the fence where it's locked in front of my apartment.

I did go out the other day and paste up some more prints of my current stencil. In the rain. It didn't matter, the spots I pasted were under awnings. One is here: on Franklin and Myrtle Ave:

Another went up on my favorite building on 3rd street and 3rd ave in red hook. I have an old stencil there that has been there for over a year, at least. This is what it looked like:

I love the little condemned building icon, but I pasted over it with my new stencil. I also moved someone's sticker out of the way. I don't like putting work over other people's stuff. Not that that stops other people from being douchebags and painting or pasting over my work with stupid, non art, like some advertisement they have fifty million copies of. I enjoy the decayed look of the wheatpaste peeling off and that someone stuck a sticker on her forehead.
This is how it looks now:

This is a show I am participating in opening on September 10th
We will be painting a mural that day as well in conjunction with a Hudson River Festival, so come check it out if you are in the area!

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