Saturday, September 10, 2011

San Fransisco

I left my accomplice in oakland and rushed off to catch the bart to head to sf on the perfect cruiser bike with two baskets in the back. My tube of prints tied down the middle and my bucket of wheatpaste and tools in the back. Bart does have elevators and is wheelchair friendly, which is more than we can say for the NYC MTA. It's a constant contest for me between the two. It would be that way no matter what city I am visiting. Always comparing and contrasting in my mind. I have alot of planets in Virgo.

I heard from a friend here in NYC that she got a hefty fine for postering around the city for her performance art gospel choir. 16G's to be more exact. It got me concerned. I don't know the actual legality of what I am doing. Writing a blog about it is probably not the most intelligent thing I am doing either. My rationale is that my artwork is anonymous and this blog is anonymous, although there are definitely gaping holes in my logic, I am doing it anyway. I choose my spots carefully. The majority of the spots I paste are abandoned buildings. Eyesores, if you will, depending on your frame of reference. To me abandoned buildings that are half falling down are beautiful. I am taking a huge risk posting this blog and putting my art work out there on public walls without permission. I hope they make the landscape more beautiful. I hope that people see them and are surprised. I hope they are like little treasures to savor as people go about their days.

Probably a dog will just piss on one and go sniff after some girl dog's butt, but that's ok too.

I just think art belongs to the public and ought to be readily available. I know there are people who disagree with street art. I disagree with their disagreement. Does that cancel it out? No, certainly not. That is what freedom is all about.

So, I rode randomly around SF in the mission district, admiring the murals I saw and pedaling laboriously on this 500 lb cruiser. This is some of what I saw:

I was about to paste up next to this hand but then there was a police cruiser hanging around, so I went down the block a bit further. I stumbled upon an alley which is well known for it's art. I didn't know about it, though, so it was a happy accident to find it.
I went down the alley and saw some really great work. Here is a sampling of what I liked:

For those of you in the know, you have probably figured out I am talking about Clarion Alley.
I found a spot sufficiently fucked up on a door and pasted my girl up on it:

As I was pasting it, a woman stuck her head out the window. I was a little worried she was going to be pissed, so I said, "hi! I hope you like it!" She was not mad, only warned me that the door opened out and to be careful not to get knocked in the head by it. She then proceeded to critique street art to me. She said "I wish someone would paint a giant lion on the wall" I told her maybe it would be up to her to paint it. She said "I can't paint, I'm a make up artist" I told her the two pursuits were not that different. She went back inside and promptly stuck her head back out with a drink in her hand. "Why don't people paint mixed race people? You know? You never see that. Why is that?" I told her that I thought the race of some portraits you see were subtle and could be mixed race people. I again pointed out that if she doesn't like what she sees, maybe she ought to take up painting. "I can't paint, I do make up" she said again. I told her it just takes practice.

I've never had someone complain to me before about what the artists are painting on the walls. As if we are all in communication and deciding as a group what goes up or not. People are funny.

As I was pasting up, many people were walking by. A couple dudes stopped and asked me "Did you paint that?" Being a sarcastic NYer I said "No, I am pasting someone else's work up" to which they replied "that's dope" One dude left the other kept hanging around and talking to me. Turns out he is one of the muralists in the alley. He invited me to put another piece up on the "free wall". So I did. As I was prepping the wall to paste on it, I was ripping off shredded old bits and found this under neath one:

well, ok. poop in your mouth too.

this is the free wall in clarion alley. I went back later and pasted another one way up high. I precariously balanced on my borrowed tanker bike to reach it. I am kind of digging the collage of peeling layers.

I left and rode over to Cell Space to see about putting something up there. But it was all full!
I saw my friend Swoon up over there:

and also what looks like a Chris Stain:

this photo is a little blurry because it was getting dark out

I proceeded to pedal back to the mission and pasted up some more work. As I was pasting up on a spot on Valencia, a dude started to yell at me. "hey! what are you doing there!" I turned and it was a friend from Brooklyn. Small world. Either that or it could be explained by a certain huge ass festival in the desert that happens every year. It's like Disney land for weirdos.

I went to a really great little Mexican restaurant near the mission st and 16th bart and had some tacos.

All in all it was a great day.

thanks for reading me and please don't bust me.

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