Friday, September 9, 2011

west coast

I went on a little tour of the west coast, aka the best coast. After a solid week of camping in the foothills of the sierras, I went into the bay area and stayed with friends in west oakland. I noticed a very aggressive buffing out of graffiti everywhere. The places where I chose to paste up, seemed less likely to be scrubbed. I found it to be very unlike Brooklyn, where everywhere you look, there is something up on a wall and it tends to stay longer.

My buddy took me out to a place called the Bulb, which is a land fill / nature preserve out on the bay. A bunch of rubble from the Loma Prieta Earthquake ended up there. Some people used the debris to build a bunker there, which is now covered with paintings. Random chunks of rubble have become canvases for art.
I took photos of some of my favorites:

Art Pop:


It says "digital dude" but I think it's the same cat that paints as "becauz". I actually randomly met this kid on the bart platform. I unrolled my posters and was showing them to a friend while we waited for the train and he started to chat me up. He gave me a sticker which looks exactly like this style. I love his shit. here is another one that I found at the bulb:

Btw, the bart sucks. It only runs until midnight. Hello? NYC runs all night long. Also, they charge you different prices according to where you are going. It's expensive! NYC subway charges you the same no matter where you are going. You could take a train from Brooklyn all the way through Manhattan and then out to the Bronx and then down to Queens for one fare. $2.25. Complain all you like, NYers, but it's a great deal. You can even transfer to a bus without paying more!! And it runs All Night Long. (sing it) I know I started this blog entry off with calling the west coast the best coast but I still heart nyc.

here are more shots from the Bulb:


Here is the bunker someone built out of random chunks. Someone had taken water based pink/purple paint and plastered it over a bunch of other people's paintings. It looked kind of shitty. What was under that looked like it was cool before. But that is the nature of street art. Temporary. I don't paste over other people's shit unless someone else already has, so I put her up on top of the pink paint in the middle of a king and above a cute little cat on the bottom. I don't usually paste up on concrete but this had so many layers of paint on it, it stuck pretty well. I put the pink one there. It looks darker because in the photo it's still wet. The brown parts dry lighter.

I toured around Oakland and Berkley looking for spots to throw up my wheatpaste. I had two paintings with me and I pasted up all of them. I think there were 20 in all. I sent one to LA with some friends to put in an art auction to benefit their ongoing work in Haiti. The organization is called "Give Love". They build composting toilet systems for camps, schools and clinics and teach people how to operate them. Awesome work. Check them out and donate. Even a few bucks goes a long way.

My friend who shall remain anonymous became my accomplice. That sounded like a poem.
We passed by this building that made me make groaning noises like a wild boar because it was so beautifully decayed and decrepit. I pulled a board out of the fence and climbed up the rickety steps and pasted her on the door. It was like her house after that. This portrait is of a girl who lives at an orphanage in Port Au Prince.

This painting found a home in Berkley on Ashby:
the face next to it is also a wheatpaste. My girl is in good company.

We hit up some more spots in Oakland and a few in Berkley. I'm not going to post every location, where's the mystery in that?

I will be blogging soon about my trip into the Mission in SF. Many more photos of street art to come, so stay tuned!!

Also, REMINDER: My work will be in an exhibition opening tomorrow day up in Yonkers. It's a group show featuring the work of some very fine women street artists. Please come by and check it out if you are in the area!! There will be free beer and munchies and some kind of river festival happening at the same time. Here is the flyer with location:

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