Friday, February 3, 2012

Occupy Wallstreet

In my opinion, the Occupy Wallstreet Movement is about a fundamental shift of values. The shift needed is a complete 180 degree revolution from the present paradigm. We want economic emancipation for all people. When we say "Another World is Possible" we are committed to creating that shift. This Revolution is a nonviolent rotation away from exploitation back to equality. We are creating worker's co-ops with profit sharing. We want decisions made for the seventh generation. We want a sustainable future on the planet. The Ruling Elite are running a hungry machine that eats everything good and shits out pollution and ravaged lives while they get to live lives of luxury. We no longer wish to be a cog in this machine. They cannot run it without our cooperation. Our demands are not of the government. Making demands on a corrupt system legitimizes it's power. We no longer recognize that power. We have no demands but this rallying cry to the people to take our collective power back. Our call is to the ninety nine percent to Rise Up.

There are many diverse issues facing people in the world today. In my opinion, the most important first step to take in starting to tackle these problems is to have a conversation; to have many conversations between people from diverse backgrounds. Talk to your neighbors, form collectives, strengthen communities through holding Public General Assemblies. Work together to find solutions. DIY. That is why we occupy; to have this public discourse. This, to me, is the most important issue facing Occupy as an entire movement. It is essential for us to be able to peaceably assemble to invite all into the conversation on how to move forward outside of a corrupt and broken system. Yet, militant police forces across the country and globe have cracked down violently on peaceful assemblies of citizens. If the system will not respect the rights granted to us by the constitution and the bill of rights, than it is our duty to assert these rights. Freedom does not belong to the government to be handed out to those they deem worthy. Freedom is inalienable. It is our birthright.
Liberate the Commons!

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