Monday, July 21, 2014

Dongria Kondh

4' x 3.5'
house paint on butcher's paper
This is what happens when you have a tiny studio, you start hanging your work in the hallway. Trying to take a photo in a 3 foot wide hallway is an interesting challenge. It's sort of like yoga.

You can see the wrinkles on the paper from painting on really thin paper. It creates an interesting texture. Wheatpaste does a marvelous thing to this paper, these paintings. It smooths them out and allows them to fuse with whatever surface they are being bonded with.

I'd like to reproduce these paintings, so that I can make them available for people to own, not just as public art in the commons, but in their houses or yurts. Making stencils of each one is one option, but then I loose the wonderful blending and continuous tones in the piece. Stencils are definitely a different type of mark making, which has it's own value. Offset printing would be amazeballs, but super expensive, also I need a really high quality photo of the painting after it's wheatpasted (smoother)

If anyone reading this has any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at artist.proof at If you are a professional photographer and would like to do a trade of art for high res photos of my work, EMAIL ME!  Direct commission inquiries to this email as well. If you are interested in having me paint a mural on your building, in your house or on your forehead, please do let me know!

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