Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lmnopi Studio time

Tewa Boy 

From a photo taken by Lewis Hines of Young Doffers in a Cotton Mill in Fayetteville, Tenn in 1910

Quilcene Boy

I've been making large paintings on paper this month. It's very enjoyable, however, I can't edition these unless I make stencils, which I could do, only I am finding the process of stencil cutting no longer that enjoyable. Hell, it was never really enjoyable for me, only the finished product was satisfying. Now, switching back to the paintbrush from the xacto knife, what a relief! What a joy!
These are painted with house paint on thin non archival brown paper. Perfect for wheatpasting. However, I feel somewhat attached to these and putting them out on the street, while, is one of the goals when making work on paper, runs a very high probability that they will get defaced or destroyed rapidly.
Taggers seem to get great joy from tagging right over the faces I paint, kind of like dogs pissing on walls.

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