Sunday, November 16, 2014

Myanmar Citizens

Succulent Studios show: "Depth of a Substance"
The Rohingyas are a Muslim minority from the North Rakhine State in western Burma. Over the past forty years, the Burmese government has systematically stripped over 1 million Rohingya of their citizenship. Recognized as one of the most oppressed ethnic groups in the world, the Rohingya are granted few social, economic and civil rights. They are subjected to forced labor, arbitrary land seizure, religious persecution, extortion, the freedom to travel, and the right to marry. Because of the abuse they endure in Burma, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled Burma to seek sanctuary in neighboring Bangladesh. In the refugee camps along the south east coast where they settle, most are not recognized as refugees and are considered illegal economic migrants. Unwanted and unwelcome, they receive little or no humanitarian assistance and are vulnerable to exploitation and harassment. In recent years, the Rohingya have paid brokers to smuggle them by boat from Bangladesh to Malaysia and even beyond to Australia, sparking the attention of governments throughout the region.
(summary taken from photographer No Direction Home who also gets source photo credit for the smaller painting)

Rohingya Child
Oil & Acrylics on Paper & Wood
96" x 36"

15 year old Rohingya girl from Burma
Oil on Mylar
42" x 48"

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