Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Street Art Memorial

17 year old Jessie Hernandez was shot 18 times by Denver Police. They were driving an allegedly stolen car full of teenagers in the morning hours of  January 26th, none of whom were armed. Witnesses who were in the car said that the officers,  identified as Gabriel Jordan and Daniel Greene, failed to issue any warning, simply began shooting as Jessie was attempting to exit the car. As they were shot, they lost control of the car, causing it to lurch forward and strike one of the officers who was later treated for a broken leg. Witnesses also stated that immediately after shooting them, the cops dragged their body out of the car, searched and handcuffed Jessie as they lay dying.
Jessie's parents are calling for a federal investigation. read more here: Colorlines
to help support the parents financially, please go here:  Fund4Jessie

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  1. Thank you for this. So you know, according to friends Jessie preferred they/them pronouns rather than she/her.