Sunday, November 22, 2015

Syrian Refugee Girl

i'm not even going to quote the "give us your poor huddled masses yearning to be free"that didn't apply to you if you happened to be native to this continent. in that case it would have said"give us your land, culture and children so that we can freely colonize your people"it also doesn't apply to our friends from south of the border according to trump.and now certain politicians think we ought to make muslim immigrants wear some kind of identity we march lockstep towards fascism in this country, apparently emulating nazi germany.welcome all refugees asylum here. it's the least we can do considering how implicated our country is in the existence of ISIS from our tyranny and terrorism abroad.just shaking my head at this point. thanks for visiting my blog.Lmnopips. happy to be collaborating with this new organization in queens are creating a place for street & graffiti artists a venue near court square in Queens
will be wheatpasting this painting which is housepaint on paper 60" x 77"
the building is located at 
43-01 21st Street LIC Queens

to contact arts org nyc: email is 
instagram is @artsorg

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