Sunday, August 28, 2016

Standing Rock

water is life.
mni wiconi
Lakota woman: said to be the grand daughter of chief Gall Lakota Phizi who lived at the Standing Rock Reservation when it was first created around in the 1880's. Much is known about Chief Gall, however I can't even find her name. Seems a symptom of white culture to record the names of the men & usually only record the women as "wife of" or "daughter" etc. this painting is dedicated to the fight against the dakota access pipeline. the trespassers are the oil companies and their police force that are attempting to frame the people who've lived on the land for 12k years as trespassers. They are water protectors; they are land stewards. The local police are justifying their attempt to stifle these protector's first amendment rights by lying & making claims that there has been violence in the camp; guns and pipe bombs. The only pipes they have is their prayer pipe the #chunupa and they have not guns but banners and pots and pans to cook and feed one another. The oil company did not get their approval to lay a pipeline under the Missouri River and across their burial grounds where the bones on their ancestors lay. The oil company is in unceded land. They are breaking treaties. 60 different tribal nations from across turtle island have come together to fight and win this battle against the #blacksnake and against the corporate state. Non native allies; descendants of Europeans,#blacklivesmatter and other concerned environmentalists are all pledging resistance and camping at the#sacredstonespiritcamp. More are needed and welcome. The Standing Rock Sioux have filed a lawsuit in Federal court against the Dakota Access oil company. The judge heard the case and will make a decision on September 6th. In the meantime, people are coming together to pray and break bread at the camp. Many are vowing to stay until the pipeline is killed. All pipelines leak. It's not a matter of maybe. When this proposed pipeline leaks, the oil contamination will reach the Standing Rock water supply in five minutes. This historical moment is hugely under reported in the main stream press. #NoDAPL #Dakota #Lakota#Nakota #Hunkpapa#standingrocksioux #waterislife#mniwiconi #Lmnopi #unity
hand included for scale

please send support to our relatives on the front lines.
if you can travel there please go
to change everything we need everyone

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